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    Pharmagical, situated in Surat, India, is a pioneer in the probiotic industry. As one of the largest probiotics manufacturer and probiotic supplier, we have expertise and capabilities in providing high-quality probiotic solutions aimed at improving health and wellness through microbiota management. Pharmagical collaborates with business partners, research institutes, and hospi-tals across the globe, to provide documented, safe, and clinically proven formulations for various indications.

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    Pharmagical  specializes in developing probiotic products of the best quality, backed by scientific research to enhance health and wellness in a natural way. As one of the largest manufacturers of probiotics globally, we provide end-to-end solutions from the isolation of probiotic strains to finished formulations in various dosage forms. Our ideation, dedicated research and expertise in probiotics have brought us to where we are today, with a diversified portfolio of well-characterized probiotic strains with applications in the food, supplement, nutraceutical and animal nutrition industries. Without compromising on quality, Pharmagical offers probiotic strains and formulations with guaranteed stability and viability till the end of their shelf life